1110mm x 8.0mm x 100mm

1110mm x 8.0mm x 100mm
Item# SC-2643
Number of Teeth: 

Product Description

1110mm dia x 8.0mm thick
100mm bore
Pinholes: 4/30/250
ChipMaster Segmental Saw Blades


Segmental Saw Blades
Common Machine Types
Kaltenbach, TrennJeager, Wagner, Loma, Espon Lucas and others.

ChipMaster segmental saw blades are manufactured to the most stringent tolerances. Segmental saw blades were developed to increase the saw blade diameter (and therefore the cutting capacity of the tool), while maintaining a reasonable cost. ChipMaster segmental saw blades will lower your overall tool costs dramatically, because of significant increases in wear life. By using CNC equipment, the tooth form and cutting tooth geometry are very precise. We can produce a consistent grind from blade to blade and batch to batch. After sharpening, the blade will perform as it did when it was brand new. We have invested in the best saw blade manufacturing equipment available today. This investment pays big dividends in the quality and consistency we can produce.