Kinkelder CX-Series
Premium Saw Blades

Kinkelder CX-Series <br> Premium Saw Blades
Precision burr free cuts, high cutting speeds and superior wear life are the results of our engineering efforts to optimize the saw body, carbide grade and tooth geometry of our CX Series circular saw blades. By combining 65+ years of experience with our fully-automated Gerling Brazing machines and Vollmer Grinding machines, we are well equipped to improve your sawing operation and reduce your cost per cut.

CX Series Tungsten Carbide-Tipped (TCT) saw blades, are made with an alloy steel body and carbide inserts brazed to the tips of the teeth. These tips are ground on all surfaces to create tangential and radial clearance and provide the proper cutting and clearance angles. The alloy body is generally made from a wear resistant alloy such as a chrome vanadium steel. TCT saw blades are capable of operating at much higher temperatures than solid HSS saw blades, therefore, TCT saw blades are typically run at much higher surface speeds. This enables carbide-tipped saw blades to cut at faster rates while maintaining an acceptable chip load per tooth.