Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Your comments and questions influence all aspects of our business. We are proud to share some of our recent correspondence with you.

Q. What speed should I use for cutting stainless steel?
A. Stainless steel should be cut at a speed of approximately 70 SFM (surface feet per minute). When using a 12"(315mm) cold saw blade, that means the RPM should be 22-25.

Q. What number of teeth should I use for cutting solid bar stock?
A. The number of teeth should be selected carefully. When cutting solid material, you need to have three to four teeth cutting(engaged) in the material simultaneously. For a 1" bar that means you would need to have a tooth pitch of approximately .285". If your saw blade was 14"(350mm) diameter, you need to have 140-160 teeth. Too many teeth can prevent you from getting proper cutting times. Too few teeth can result in broken teeth/blades.

Q. When cutting pipes/tubes, my saw blade seems to have trouble cutting through the top and bottom, Why?
A. When the blade enters the top of the tube and exits the bottom of the tube, there are more teeth engaged in the cutting process due to the arc of contact. As the teeth pass through the walls (middle of the tube), it is easier to cut.

Joe B. - Middletown, NJ
...I cannot tell how you much I appreciate your fast and complete answers to my questions. It really is a breath of fresh air and is what most of today's businesses lack.

Mike P. - Glen Allen, VA
...thanks for the good service, first class!

Beverly A. - Gainesville, FL
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your help. We received the replacement parts from Scotchman. If you ever need a reference, please have the people contact us. You and your company stand behind your sales. Unfortunately you canít say that for a lot of companies these days.

Mike C. - Holland, MI
...I appreciate your rapid response. That was impressive...THANKS!

Fred G. - Lone Star, TX
Just a short note of thanks. My bosses are extremely pleased with me for finding your blade. The operations manager reported this morning that we are still running the first blade we purchased and have cut well over 400 parts and the blade does not even show wear...Thanks for your help and your professionalism!

Randy C. - Honolulu, HI
...yes, just as you described. That's why I ask the experts. It's as if you were right here.